Angels Landing

Angels Landing

Over the past 30 years the Sisters of Leather & Lace Motorcycle Club have been fortunate to host successful charitable events across the country that have helped support their local communities. In addition, they have raised immense amount of funds for various women and children's charities. Every year, our members from around the globe raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, provide school supplies for children, and so much more. We have active and retired military within their membership so supporting our troops goes without saying.

Even though our Sisterhood has stayed busy helping others over the past 30 years, we have never lost sight of our own dream: owning a place large enough for us to come together as one and call it home. This past year, with the help of two amazing benefactors, the sisterhood has found a place to call home!

Angel's Landing is located on 10 beautiful acres in Florida and is the perfect venue for the Leather & Lace MC Sisterhood and helping those in need.

Building and improvements are on-going for:

  • A beauty salon to help women going through breast cancer treatments
    • for women re-entering the work environment
    • for children that are in need
    • for women starting over
  • Cabins
  • Shower House
  • Serenity Pond
  • Motorcycle safety education
  • Large meeting hall, containing information needed.

Angel Landing is a safe and secure sanctuary where women can come and get the help they need to start again; providing them an opportunity to grow from adversity, and receiving positive encouragement from mentors within the Angel's Landing Community.

Donations in order to continue the work Leather & Lace MC has begun, and to keep moving forward with building are greatly appreciated. Click on the Pay Pal tab to donate today!

For more information, please email: Lace One


Leather & Lace MC is a family oriented, 30 year old International Motorcycle Club for women that own and operate their own motorcycles.

We are always looking for dedicated, independent women to become part of our strong, united sisterhood. Prospective members must be willing to commit time and energy, love to ride motorcycles, meet new people and create amazing memories. We welcome all make and model motorcycles over 1100 cc.

When you get tired of riding in the back of the pack and making the potato salad… contact us!

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